Saturday, 20 August 2011

Facebook Riot pages, an update

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's new video, London Riots, is finally viewable, after a long wait in processing. Meanwhile here is the first reassuring story about the repealing of some of the excessive sentences the above video satrises:

Riots: mother jailed for handling looted shorts freed on appeal - Guardian

And here are some more of those inflammatory Facebook pages inciting violence, whose authors have not had their pages taken down:

F*** london riots! kill the looters! this aint the far east ths is england - Contains racist posts including "Bak to fuckin africa!" (sic), and "none of them are actually white haahha".

Shoot to kill policy on looters and rioters!

The government should adopt a shoot to kill policy for looters

Lynch a Looter, hang him high,shoot his comrades passing by.

Like this page to instantly kill one rioter

I'm sure there are many more. Anyhoo, dust's settled, moving on, here's the nearest the Socks have ever come to inciting violence, from this time last year:

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