Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lucky Stars - Dean Friedman & The Scottish Falsetto Socks

Of all the Edinburgh Fringe memories the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre have accumulated in their four years so far, this remains a very high point. Being asked by a childhood hero, Dean Friedman, to support him in concert. We recorded this during the soundcheck:

Dean Friedman Lucky Stars

That was at the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow back on August 10th 2007. We zoomed over there, set up, layed our support slot, then zoomed back to the Gilded Balloon in time to set up and perform our (possibly sellout, can't remember) second Saturday night show which started at 10.45. Dean's playing at the Fringe this year and I'm delighted to hear all his shows have sold out, which is how things should be. If you find you can obtain a ticket, then don't miss him, he is a popular music God.

Meanhwile, in the first week of Edfringe 2008, we recorded this video which, for no conceivable reason, remains the most-viewed of all our Edinburgh diaries. Let's see if we can work out why..

Nope, still a mystery to me. And we're still saving up to return to the Fringe in 2012, I hope everyone who's there is having fun.

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