Monday, 29 August 2011

On a 2nd viewing of Let's Kill Hitler

I've just watched Doctor Who Let's Kill Hitler for a second time (it's a bank holiday Monday, I've just flown back from a caricaturing gig in Guernsey, don't judge me) and I seem to have almost totally changed my opinion on it.

Screengrab from Rich Johnston's lovely Bleeding Cool column, Ten Thoughts About...

In Saturday I immediately leapt to the computer and wrote a review criticising its viewer unfriendliness, worrying that it'll scare family viewers away. Then found dozens of people on Facebook agreeing with me.

Now I watch it and, as I tweeted at 10 minute intervals, I think it's brilliant.

Having been a bit critical on Saturday, I'm watching Let's Kill Hitler again. First 10 mins are best TV of the year! Yes better than #totp76

On 2nd viewing, 2nd 10 mins of Let's Kill Hitler also totally brilliant. Despite buggering my 'Numbskulls' screenplay. Yes I've written one.

On 2nd viewing, 3rd 10 mins of Let's Kill Hitler is brilliant. Feeling very guilty about my first review.

On 2nd viewing, 4th 10 mins of Let's Kill Hitler has gone off rails and is suddenly jumbled, confusing, and exposition-y. Not so much fun.

On 2nd viewing, the last 10 minutes of Let's Kill Hitler are excellent. If you're a #drwho fan (I am) and don't care who else is watching.

How fickle?

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Matthew Rees said...

It may be better on a second viewing, possibly even brilliant, but how many people will give it that chance?

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