Saturday, 13 August 2011

Youtoobling - Marc Almond to Grandmaster Flash

Ee, I do enjoy a night's Youoobling. I follow one video to the next and see what comes up. Last night I began, having seen Marc Almond featured in both of the BBC's Edinburgh shows (Culture Show and Review Show, both of whom also, lazily, covered Margaret Cho and Robert Rauschenberg rather than do different stories from each other). Here are the videos and comments I went through...

Marc Almond, Adored & Explored #youtoobling #edfringe

Margaret Cho, North Korean Weather From 30 Rock #youtoobling #edfringe (I typed Koren Weather first) @gildedballoon

Adam Ant doing Prince Charming in 2011 at Madame JoJos #youtoobling

Stand & Deliver, Adam & The Ants 1981 #youtoobling

Adam Adamant theme & titles 1966 #youtoobling

Adamantium claws funny routine Wolverine Claws Suck #youtoobling

The Giant Claw love the eyeballs #youtoobling

The Land Unknown Monsters #youtoobling

Dinosaurus! "Beyond anything your mind can imagine!" #youtoobling

Beware of the Blob - it creeps! Jack H Harris Burt Bacharach #youtoobling

Bacharach & Streisand Close To You The Blob #youtoobling

Close to You - the Socks Wow, this is an early clip #youtoobling

Close To Me, The Cure Original video #youtoobling

Close To The Edit, Art of Noise #youtoobling

Don't push me cos I'm close to the edge, The Message Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5 #youtoobling #ukriots #riot

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