Friday, 19 August 2011

Cockgate - funniest story from this year's Edfringe

The funniest story I have heard from this year's Edinburgh Fringe is Cockgate. It would seem that comedy act Kunt & The Gang has given his audience stickers to stick onto posters. They are drawings of a cock & balls.

The results look like this and have had me in tears of laughter. How old? Here is more on the story from Chortle.

Richard Herring did a similar thing a couple of years ago with his Hitler Moustache show, inviting his punters to add moustaches to other shows’ posters. He attracted less protest, it would seem, because he is a Beloved Institution and, so I’m told, “King Of Edinburgh”, whereas Kunt & The Gang is, let’s face it, called Kunt & The Gang.

NB: The Captcha I had to type in when uploading the above photo to Tinypic was "atiope knobbing". This is absolutely true.

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