Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dandy sales plummet

As John Freeman has just highlighted on Down The Tubes and they're discussing over on Comics UK, The Dandy has just recorded an awful drop in sales, suggesting its brave move to drop the toys from the front cover, raise the strip content, and feature Harry Hill as the star attraction has failed.

The figures are:

The Dandy : 7,448 ; -48.1%
The BeanoMAX : 24,438 ; -15.9%
Spectacular Spiderman : 28,003 ; -1.8%
Disney Tinkerbell - 29,016
Doctor Who Magazine : 30,682 ; -13.3%
World Of Cars - 31,532
The Beano : 37,145 ; -20.4%
Toxic : 40,503 ; 0.7%
Toy Story - 42,294
Doctor Who Adventures Magazine : 50,013 ; -6.6%
Barbie - 53,013
Disney Princess - 63,238
VIZ - 67,851

Dr Who's blip can be explained by there being fewer episodes on TV this year.
Titan titles and 2000AD don't appear in these figures, nor do the Marvel & DC
reprints. But all in all, not good news, wouldn't we say?

On the plus side, my local comic Captain Clevedon's selling quite well at
Clevedon Pier and the shops in town. We're still over 7000 sales short of giving
the Dandy a run for its money, but I bet we've outsold it at Alexandra Road News in Clevedon this week :(

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