Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Socks Edfringe Diary Diabolical Liberties 07

Blimey, I've been so busy with work and them riots that I seem to have spent two days forgetting that Edinburgh and the Fringe exist. The Socks aren't there this year, as I may have mentioned, but back in 2007 we were very busy celebrating, in song, the company that stuck our posters up for us:

The following year we stopped using Diabolical Liberties when it became clear that Edinburgh council were managing to remove every single poster they put up, almost overnight. By the following year a more official arrangement of approved poster sites had come about which, I have no doubt, are more expensive than ever. If we want to be on them, we're going to have to save up an awful lot for 2012.

At this stage in 2007, when video diaries were still a new thing for me, I had yet to work out the colour balance on the camera. Want to see some more blue pictures, nudge nudge? Check out:

The Pleasance

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