Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tales of Nambygate - out now

And this would be why I've been a little quiet and locked away since Monday. I've been scanning, compiling, editing, drawing new covers and bits and bobs for, and publishing this - TALES OF NAMBYGATE. Check it out:

(Might not work on a iPad, do let me know)

It's a 122 page graphic novel collection of my classic comic strip series Tales of Nambygate and Phallas The Soap Opera, with spin-off series Battler Britten and Sam Shovel, all of which cross over at points, and though I say so myself it's brilliant. I haven't looked at most of these strips since I wrote and drew them over twenty years ago, and now revisiting them I'm delighted. At the blurb website or via the above link, you can check out the first 15 pages (which gives you one self-contained short story, The Scalp Huntress, to enjoy). And the whole 122 page book only costs £5.99. Tell me what you think, I myself am well chuffed.

1 comment:

m.lawrenson said...

Order placed. I await my copy with some anticipation. Thanks for putting this out after all these years.

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