Friday, 5 August 2011

Socks Edfringe Diary Flashback 1st Friday

It's the first Friday of the Edinburgh Fringe and, at this hour of the morning, no comedian is awake. Unless, that is, they've nabbed the prime promotional opportunity of an appearance on Breakfast TV. Now, I may have mentioned, the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre aren't at the Edfringe this year, but in 2009 that slot was theirs. Look...

Well, you can try looking but, sadly, GMTV's not there any more, and they've taken their website with them. So there's a bit of Socks history that's bitten the dust. Like Patrick Troughton's Doctor Who episodes, we live on only in memory and legend, and just like those episodes we were the best thing on TV at the time, no question.

This year's BBC Fringe coverage featured an excruciating interview with Margaret Cho and a snippet of song by Fascinating Aida which, out of context, looked like the board of the local Womens Institute were telling you off. I could see how funny their Irish heedly-deedly style song about Ryanair must be in the show, but irony so doesn't work in a 30 second clip at 8.15 in the morning that all it could do was give the viewers the impression that their whole show was like that.

But no publicity is bad publicity, as this fleeting appearance on the BBC Breakfast News in 09 proved for the Socks:

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