Monday, 30 March 2020

The New Book - work in progress (part 2)

Some initial character designs, doodled on Sunday.

In part one of the work in progress of the new book (working title Prince Of Denmark Street) we saw how it had taken 14 days to write the script and break it down into panels. Because of my rubbish numerical abilities it had shrunk to 114 pages last time we looked. Today (Monday 30th March) it turns out to be only 110 pages, which I have broken down into their rough layouts (below).

These tif pages will now have the words put into their voice bubbles and from that I'll do the pencil rough of the book.
Monday 30th - Pages 1 - 10 words in bubbles.
Tuesday 31st - up to page 30, words in bubbles (very distracted day, taxing car, Facebook etc)
Weds 1st April - up to page 90, words in bubbles (and this is the day they cancelled the Fringe)
Thurs 2 April - by lunchtime, all 110 pages lettered. By 6pm all 110 pages 'bolded' and edited, so now they look like this (below), ready for rough drawing to begin.
Friday 3 April - All pages laid out into spreads (across A4 pages, so print-size) and printed out. Next stage is the scribbles (continued next blog)

Work very much in progress. It continues here.

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